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Gifts Under $20

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  1. Pumpkin Pie Candy Bar
    Pumpkin Pie Candy Bar

    Your favorite seasonal treat is back!

    Out of Stock
  2. Drinking Chocolate - Spicy
    Drinking Chocolate - Spicy
  3. Drinking Chocolate - Dark
    Drinking Chocolate - Dark
  4. Artist Collection - 6 piece box
    Artist Collection - 6 piece box

    chef selected assortment

  5. Strawberry Cheesecake Bar
    Strawberry Cheesecake Bar

    cream cheese ganache, graham cracker ganache, strawberry pate de fruit

  6. Passion Praline Bar
    Passion Praline Bar

    passion fruit ganache, hazelnut gianduja, toasted hazelnuts, cornflake crunch

  7. Milk n' Cookies Bar
    Milk n' Cookies Bar

    Milk Stout ganache, cookie butter gianduja, chocolate chip cookies 

  8. Kate-y Trail Mix Bar
    Kate-y Trail Mix Bar

    peanut butter gianduja, salted caramel, mixed nuts, dried cherries, granola

  9. Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruit
    Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruit
  10. The Amazonian
    The Amazonian

    72% pure venezuelan cocao

    This Venezuelan chocolate is complex and full bodied with raisin and chestnuts notes. Here, I have combined it with the super fruit, acai for that added healthy boost.

  11. Safari Bar
    Safari Bar

    64% pure madagascar cocao

    If I had to eat one kind of chocolate for the rest of my life, it would be this. The natural acidity and citrus notes have always drawn me to dark Madagascar chocolate. I find this chocolate so perfectly balanced and bold that it stands alone. Enjoy.

  12. The Hula Bar
    The Hula Bar

    38% pure hawaiian cocao

    This deep, rich milk chocolate has a fruity finish without overwhelming the palate. Candied macadamia nuts are added for texture and compliment the chocolate beautifully. Mahalo.

  13. Caramel Collection
    Caramel Collection
  14. Bacon Toffee
    Bacon Toffee

15 Items

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