10 Piece Macarons

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French Macarons


These classic confections have a Kate Weiser twist! They have the familiar light crisp merengue cookie exterior and a decadent ganache filling. 

Peaches N' Cream - almond flour shell filled with a white chocolate peach ganache

Passion Fruit - almond flour shell  filled with a passion fruit ganache

Raspberry Almond - almond flour shell  filled with an almond ganache and raspberry pate de fruit.

Chocolate - almond flour shell  topped with cocoa nibs and filled with dark chocolate ganache

Cookies N' Cream - almond flour shell  filled with cookie butter and a vanilla bean ganache (contains gluten)

Salted Caramel - almond flour shell  filled with a caramel and sea salt ganache 

These treats are best enjoyed within 5 days of purchase. 

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