Bonbon Flavor Guide

Dark chocolate lavender ganache with apricot pate de fruit

Caramel made with 85% dark chocolate

Salted caramel, candied peanuts with milk chocolate peanut butter ganache

Peach pate de fruit layered with pistachio duja

Illanka dark chocolate ganache

Vanilla bean ganache with cookie butter crunch

Smooth salty caramel in a dark chocolate shell

Dark chocolate berry ganache with cabernet pate de fruit

White chocolate ganache infused with toasted coconut

Smooth, buttery caramel with ground toasted pecans

Milk chocolate peanut butter gianduja with brittle crunch

Layered filling of creamy hazelnut ganache and coffee ganache

Milk chocolate ganache infused with honey and black truffles

Dark habanero ganache layered with mango pate de fruit

White graham cracker ganache layered with key lime pate de fruit

Dark chocolate ganache layered with raspberry pate de fruit

Bada Bing cherry pate de fruit with almond gianduja

Creamy white chocolate passion fruit ganache

Strawberry pate de fruit with white chocolate and sweet basil