About Kate Weiser

Kate Weiser began her sweet journey early in life.  As she grew, so did her extensive dessert cookbook collection. Kate enjoyed baking in her family kitchen and sharing her creations with friends and neighbors.

She continued her passion by attending California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Upon graduation in 2005, she returned to her hometown and worked in various restaurants including Pachamama’s of Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City’s 4 star restaurant, Bluestem under pastry chef Megan Garrelts and James Beard Award winner, Colby Garrelts.

My time spent at Bluestem really shaped the way that I look at pastry. It is where I started thinking outside the box and learned how to take familiar, nostalgic desserts and turn them into something new and modern.

Her move to Dallas brought many new and exciting experiences. After a brief stint at Stephen Pyles and an Executive Pastry Chef position at Nobu, Kate decided to hone in her skills on one thing: chocolate.

Kate began her chocolate career with an Executive Chocolatier position at Chocolate Secrets in Highland Park. While there, she was able to experiment and create a style of chocolate making that was new to the Dallas area.  Kate spent years struggling to understand the nuances of chocolates and confections, having only learned how to temper in culinary school.  Being challenged everyday opened a whole new passion for Kate and an appreciation for the science and art that goes into each piece.   

Her Handpainted Chocolate Collection and artistic style quickly gained attention and excitement through the DFW metroplex.

For me, chocolate is the most challenging and rewarding medium in the culinary arts. It is a never ending learning experience and my true passion.

After 4 years of perfecting her chocolate craft, Kate created her own chocolate company – Kate Weiser Chocolate, in Trinity Groves in August, 2014 and has since expanded her brand to NorthPark Center in 2016 and the Shops at Clearfork in 2018.  She also partners with Neiman Marcus nationwide and was on the coveted Oprah’s Favorite Things List for 2018.   

She was named Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America by Dessert Professional Magazine in 2014 and will continue pushing boundaries to create new and unexpected ways of enjoying chocolate. 

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